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Everyone has Sams at some point in their life.  Many times we don’t realize their impact on us until after they are gone.  But the lessons we learned from them stay a lifetime.  We invite you to share your own Sam story, tell the world about how others helped you.

You are welcome to leave comments on what others have written. We also invite you to submit your own Sam story – a story on an individual who helped you at some point – and what you learned from it.

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We (obviously) encourage you to buy the book. And we hope you will share it with others. Most importantly, we hope you will send one to your own Sam, and simply sign it with your name and the words “Thanks for being my Sam.”

Send in your Sam story and we will send you a FREE autographed copy of the book. The length, and whether you name your Sam or not, is up to you.

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  1. Terry W Viverette

    Soon after entering the USAF in 1967 I met a man that would instill in me several things that I would carry a life time. He saw some thing in this young, ill-tempered,trash mouthed,defiant white boy from Georgia. He liked me and I liked him. He was an instructor and we remained friends even after I left the service. He retired many years later and returned home to Rogersville, Tn. We spoke by phone and I visited there several times, we grew to love each other very much. I never met anyone that did not like him. On Feb. 10, 2008 the world lost a fine man, the finest black man I have ever known. He was a SAM to me and many others….his name….David Gudger.

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