Chapter Two – Some Sams Come And Go

Following is an excerpt from Chapter Two of  “Sam:”

One of my greatest Sams was no Bible-thumper. At one time I worked for him, later in my career we were peers running affiliated companies. While we were separated by many states running our respective companies, this guy dropped more pearls of wisdom on me than anyone else in my career.

We’d bump into each other at some meeting or just have a chance phone call. Almost every time, at some point he’d pull out “you might want to think about that.”

Bam. And he was right every time.

These Sams aren’t always your peers; not always your best friends. And that’s simply because they come and go. You might work with them for a while, you might live near them at some point or see them at church or your kid’s school. But they, or you, move on.

I believe these are some of the most powerful influences you will have in your life. And as I said earlier, often you don’t realize they were Sams until after the fact.

The question is how do you know whether these individuals are true Sams? The answer is they have nothing to gain. They are not playing sides, trying to get you to somehow fulfill their own agenda. Truth be told, many times they’d be better off if they didn’t say anything.

There is nothing in it for them — if one looks at it from the world’s viewpoint. But for some reason, they appear. They say what they need to say and then they are gone. To paraphrase an old Southern expression, “they don’t have a dog in the hunt.”

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