Sams Give Even In Difficult Times

When we moved from Georgia to Oklahoma a year ago, we gave away a lot of things. Partly because we were moving into a furnished home, and partly because we just didn’t think we would need them.

It was a pretty big list, but we gave to those who needed them. A Korean church that didn’t have a piano; a washer and dryer to a needy couple; dressers, couches, tables and chairs to an outreach center; and yes, even a gas grill. Even the Little Black Dress gave up a kitchen table she designed, as well as her favorite sofa. But we felt good about it. We were helping others.

When we moved to Oklahoma, we soon met a wonderful couple. They turned out to be dear friends, true Sams to us and many others. Their true calling was connecting people to people to further God’s plans. They set me up with friend, with publishers and others who were instrumental in getting my book, Everyone Needs A Sam, published. They even helped edit it.

What we didn’t know at first, but soon learned, was this couple was going through an intense  financial situation.

This part is really their story to tell so, I don’t want to go into a lot of detail.  But eventually began to start selling everything they had accumulated over the years: a house, a single-engine airplane, a twin-engine airplane, an offshore racing boat, and eventually, the house where they live now.

Yet throughout that time, they continued to pray for our family, for my book. It was always, “how can we help.” They were, and are, true Sams. They have a servant’s heart. I am constantly amazed how they continue, despite the loss of almost everything, to put others first. They continue to help others regardless of their own situation and their faith never wavers.

On our side, we decided to move back to Georgia for various reasons. One day my wife was kidding around about how we would have to buy a new washer and dryer and some other furniture because we gave ours away. And our dear friends just turned around and offered us an extra washer and dryer they had, plus a couple of couches.

Just like that.

Their motto is found in Galatians: “Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone – especially to those in the family of faith.”

I don’t know where our journey or theirs will end up on this earth, but I know that God will reward this couple for what they have done for so many when they had the resources to do so.

I am not one of those “name it and claim it” types, but I hold the following scripture for them:

“And God will generously provide all you need. They you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. As the Scriptures say, ‘They share freely and give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.” 2 Corinthian 9:8,9

To Jean and Brenda, thanks for being our Sams.

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