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“Everyone Needs A Sam” focuses on seeking wisdom and finding mentors on your life journey. These Sams are the ones standing beside you and guarding your back.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be highlighting excerpts from the book.  We hope you’ll take a moment and submit a guest post for consideration about a Sam in your life so others can learn from what you learned.

So what’s in Sam?

The Table of Contents is usually a pretty good place to start, so following are the chapter titles and sections:

Part One:
1.      Sam
2.     Sams Come And Go
3.     A Sam Is Not Always Your Best Friend
4.     A Sam Is Not Always Your Spouse
5.     A Sam Will Walk With You To The Mountaintop, But Also Through The Deepest Valley
6.     A Sam Will Stand By You, Even When Everyone Else Has Deserted
7.     A Sam Will Speak The Truth In Your Life When No One Else Will
8.     A Sam Is A Guide, Not A Leader
9.     Sams Are Human
10.   In The End, It’s Up To You
11.    Looking For A Sam
12.    The Ultimate Sam
13.    Final Thoughts

Part Two:
Sams On Sams (A collection of vignettes from some of the Sams in my life)

Part Three:
Your Story (Tell us about your mentors and what you learned)

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